Minimalist, improvised, multipurpose, EDC Bleeding Control items.

Started by Crosscut, April 30, 2022, 10:53:09 AM

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I'm not going to call this a 'kit' since there are more, and better, items I'd want in a dedicated bleeding control or blow-out kit, but trying to think a little outside the box for EDC worthy items that have other uses too outside of just trauma care.  Maximum utility from a minimal amount of small/lightweight items basically, but as they might be used for controlling hemorrhage for the purposes of this thread.

Leaving out the knife/leatherman tool which could double as makeshift EMT shears and that everyone here already EDCs:

SWAT-T.  The most versatile tourniquet.  Easy to use, instructions (including proper tensioning/tightening diagram) are on the TQ itself, works on any size limb from infants on up, and on pets.  Can also be used as a pressure bandage, an elastic bandage, and for immobilization / splinting.  If you knew in advance the age, size, and species of the injured then there are better TQs, but if you don't and are only going to bring one then the SWAT-T might be the best choice.  In keeping with the multipurpose/improvised EDC item theme, possible alternate uses:

Quote"It is also the same multifunction trauma care device that has been used to create a snare, create a hawaiian sling, patch a kayak, mend a ski boot binding, patch a leaking fire hose on a fire scene, and mend a boot (sole separating on rugged hike)."

2' of duct tape.  Can never have enough duct tape but this amount wrapped around a plastic card fits easily in most wallet slots designed for credit/debit cards.  With the plastic packaging material from the SWAT-T it can be used to make an old school 3-sided occlusive dressing for chest wounds.  Alternate uses: Near infinite :)

Bandana.  Dressing/bandage/wound packing.  With an improvised windlass it can also be used as a second TQ.  Alternate uses: Runny nose, washcloth, hat, water prefilter, pouch, cordage, and probably at least 999,994 others.

Nitrile gloves.  Packed in a tiny zip-loc bag.  Additional occlusive dressing material if needed.  Alternate uses: water storage/canteen, flotation aid, fishing bobbers, games/toy.


Can we see how that packs up? [bandana, 999,994 uses is probably a conservative estimate.]

It's not so improvised but an alternate to the bandana could be a dry sterile vacuum sealed cravat. At <$2.00 each I think they cost less than a bandana and come already sealed in their own sterile package. It can be used for many things that need something clean and lint free, made from woven polyester. That's not so blood absorbent, though it can be used as a wound dressing, so then maybe add a roll of Gauze. [or maybe keep the bandana also] They can be washed and reused but they are really cheap, so IMO they are disposable. The XL is pretty big also, 45x45x63". Or just sterilize and vacuum seal the bandana.

This one also comes with 2 safety pins and a rubber band, included.

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