cheap, easy stove and solid fuel

Started by flybynight, February 09, 2022, 09:13:56 AM

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Ran across the stove video  last month. Was going to post it cause it's so stupid simple. ...But I forgot
:-[. Just ran across the same guy with a vid about DIY solid fuel tabs , and thought really better post  it.
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As a long-time esbit user, I love the idea of solid fuel that doesn't smell like fish.

May have to make some of these and test them out. A little worried about the wax going everywhere if the tin foil has a burn thru, but it is still worth trying out.

Good find!
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Thanks flybynight, that is pretty cool.  I love these DIY gear hacks, like little alcohol stoves made from aluminum cans.  This concept seems pretty solid.  Agree with Mr. Dark, it would be nice to have a hexamine alternative that doesn't smell like rotting fish.  Like the 15-16 minute burn time, but I have to wonder if they burn anywhere near as hot as hexamine does. 

Just knowing about these sort of DIY hacks is valuable knowledge in and of itself.  In an emergency situation, being able to visualize what a functional stove can be made of could make a world of difference.  I never would have thought to use a sink strainer as a basis for a stove. But seeing it done, it now seems so obvious.  :headbang:

One thought about the DIY fuel tabs.  Seeing how the cotton balls made such a difference in burn time, I have to wonder if substitution of wood chips for the sawdust would increase burn time even more.
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