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Started by flybynight, February 28, 2022, 07:18:36 PM

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Quote from: superduder on August 14, 2022, 12:50:31 PMBeing about 6mi from DMAFB... I hope we get warning as early as possible.
But, Things don't usually go that way, If we have say a 90min warning,
Then I'd have a set of mountains between us and DM.
If it's more like 30min... The last part of our run would be speeding our collective ass off
to avoid the outer edge of the blast radius (Tsarbomb 50MT), and hopefully clear the initial fallout zone.

According to nukemap the b.o.l. is outside both due to mountains being between it and the base
And the general wind currents.
We could make it to the far side of the mountains in 30, but having the 90min to make it there
and get into the basement/shelter would be better.

Maybe time to rethink the current strategy on our bug out...
There is no chance of a Tsar bomb being used . It was a cold war test detonation and is too large to be launched on a icbm.The largest I see is a 10 megaton Icbm by China. Most modern missile payloads are multiple 300-500 KT  per each missile

ETA Also remember any nuke strike will probably be preceded by a  EMP detonation in the upper atmosphere
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I figured go with the largest tested, and if you could get away from that
then you'd be good for anything lighter in the same area.
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Being a child of the Cold War myself and serving in the military during that time I do not think Russia would pull the trigger..There is no winner in a nuclear war....


The 'Beyond the Press' channel (2nd channel for the 'Hydraulic Press Channel' on YouTube) just did a simulated nuclear blast video.  They worked out the calculations needed to simulate the pressure using 25kg of dynamite and then set up a "living room" and several cars to see what would happen to them.  The unexpected surprise was that the actual building on site (which was quite a distance away) ended up with damage as well.  Oops!  Some great slow-motion shots of the shockwave as it hit.

He's in Finland, so he has a bit more concern around potential Russian threats than most of us would.  I'm sure that was the reason for this video.  Well, that and the opportunity to blow things up!

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