In lust with EXO MTN Packs.

Started by Moab, August 27, 2021, 09:09:59 PM

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I think ive been looking for a pack like this for decades. It fits my tall torso, many dont. And it comes in smaller sizes. Ive always wanted a good framed, but light weight pack. That i could stuff things into the outside of the pack. And it comes in multicam!

This is a pack frame that can swap between several different size packs. It has adjustments for every type torso out there.  Which is something my 6' 3" frame appreciates. It goes all the way up to a size 26. It uses really smart aluminum add on tubes to the bottom of the frame that can lengthen the frame in small excrements.

It also has stretch pockets that strap down on the sides. That each fit a full nalgene. And a center stretch pouch for down jackets etc etc. It also comes with a bladder pouch that doubles as a wet clothing storage area. The pack also comes in earth tones and multicam. Its primarily a hunting pack. But its fairly light weight. And its many handy options. I dont know why you couldnt use it as a bug out or backpacking bag. You have several size options too.

It looks like the heaviest 6400 comes in under 6lbs. Frame and pack. Its not cheap. I think the frame is $265 and the largest pack 6400 is $599 on another site. These prices are off the manufacturers site. Prices on the open market might be cheaper. The frame weighs 3lbs.

Edit - the entire pack is $699 for the largest 6400. Just got an email from them. The pack "system" comes with frame and pack.
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