Worth repeating. Selco Begovic on Civil War/ SHTF

Started by flybynight, October 25, 2021, 07:07:01 AM

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I made a long post about this guy and his online school back on ZS. I bought the school. It was helpful. Probably extremely helpful to new preppers. But helpful also to ones that have been around for a while.

I don't think alot of preppers realize how bad things can get. Alot of the attitude is "well.. to live thru this disaster. Be sure to do this.". And the philosophy seems to limit itself to a local disaster thats only going tolast a few months at the most.

Selco knows differently. He sounds like an old ogre. So it may come across like hype. But he has lived thru it. So I respect his opinion and guidence.

The big things I took away were to get out of a polulated area sooner. Don't wait. Things will be ok until they are not. And once they are not. You're kinda f'd.

Don't trust people. Don't trust people as a standard operating procedure. Use secure tactics ( and he teaches alot of them) even with those you trust. Because when you get fucked its usually by someone you trusted before you got fucked. Otherwise you would not have gotten fucked. Sorry for all the fucks. But ya. Secure tactics all the time. Every time.

Along those lines set up secure comms with levels. With everyone you want to communicate with. This sounds simple. But its not. Because all the different ways to communicate (cellphone, text, cellphone app, radio in the open, radio with encrypted words lets say, visual communication like hand and arm signals, spy communication like when you leave a mark on a known public spot that means different things and there are many more) all have to be set up in advance. With all the people you want comms with understanding them. And when to use or look for each level of communication. Thats just one thing - comms.

He also lays out different tactics to do business with people. Especially when you dont trust them.

And alot of other stuff that i did not finish or I need to go back and review. Which is cool. Its an online course you can go back to like a book.

But mostly he convinces you of how badly you need to prepare. Why you need to prepare that badly. And he provides you with alot of that prepping knowledge. And also that you need to go above this by seaking out your own prepping problems and your own prepping solutions.

Its not like a laundry list of to dos or how tos. Its as much about a philosophy of prepping and protecting yourself.

If he had it to do all over again. He would have gotten out of the city early when he could have. He had a house in the woods he could have gotten to. And survived alot better. But he got fucked. So now we get to learn alot of cool stuff from him. Lol.

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Quote from: Moab on April 23, 2022, 05:52:35 PMI don't think alot of preppers realize how bad things can get. Alot of the attitude is "well.. to live thru this disaster. Be sure to do this.". And the philosophy seems to limit itself to a local disaster thats only going to last a few months at the most.
I am was one of those preppers.

Once I got a year under my belt of this sudden world turning upside down pandemic Event (we're in year three as of this posting) I found out I had no concept of the physical and emotional toll it would take on me. I've lost much of who I was before.

And the first Event bled into social unrest ontop of a now unending season of wild fires that led into political unrest that morphed into supply chain breakdown that evolved into world economy breakdown now war and probable food shortage and global famine plus more political that will bring the real possibility of major civil unrest, with the first Event (pandemic) still going on and impacting everything. With no end in sight for any of it. With tens of millions of displaced persons all over the Earth. And we're set up to have cyber warfare added to the mix soon.

😄 Nope, it isn't anything like:
 "well.. to live thru this disaster. Be sure to do this."

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