Antibiotic kit. $259.

Started by Moab, February 26, 2023, 02:31:39 PM

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So covid opened up telemedicine quite a bit. Now you can get a complete antibiotic kit from an American company. With little or no hassle. At less than Walmart prices.

Also new laws made fish antibiotics problematic to get and not at significantly lower prices. 

With this comoany you have to have seen a dr in the last 2 years. And a few other small hurdles to jump thru. But its mainly an online only process.

Comments from another forum:

"In this kit is:

The required printouts from the pharmacy.

*Azithromycin (Zithromax, z-pack)

*Ciprofloxacin (Cipro)


*Amoxicillin/Clavulanate. (Augmentin)

*Metronidazole. (Flagyl)

***Plus, I added a bottle of Ondansetron.(Zofran) (Anti-nausea/vomit drug)

These are all full cycles of each drug.

Now, I have full faith in fish antibiotics having known someone in the industry. And they are a little bit cheaper. They also may not be dosed right.

Add to this: That come June 11th 2023, you will need a prescription to even get fish antibiotics. So, in a few months the small savings disappear. ~$190ish versus ~$250ish.
Included in the Jase kit is permanent access to a medical professional should you have questions. A nice case, a good little booklet talking about the what/when and why's including side effects and pregnancy issues. It covers using 2 at a time in certain cases. Quite comprehensive, although the info is accurate, it is no replacement for study and a proper desk reference.
Example, it does talk about bioweapons. AKA anthrax and the use of Cipro. And it talks about the possible really severe side effects from using Cipro. I appreciated that part.

Why does this legitimate American company exist?

Well, COVID brought on changes to telemedicine. It loosened a ton of restrictions and made it easier for people to get needs met during the lockdowns.
I have not read into the minutia of the regulations but, this is fully legal and in compliance with all laws.

Getting the prescription was pretty easy. You have to fill out a short questionnaire, have had a physical within the last 2 years, provide verifiable id and make yourself available for a one on one consult. You can only get one pack per member of your family per year.
It took about five days for me to get my meds.

So, it is worth asking:

Do you want to run the gamut of sourcing fish drugs from reputable sources where you may have to adjust dosage, depending on source and supply? I have seen it a lot with fishmox. Like I said above. I fully trust fish meds. Fish are the most sensitive to impurities and I know someone that worked the industry.

Is finding a doctor to prescribe a multitude of antibiotics for an emergency easy? Not likely and one would have to add in the cost of the visit(s).

Or, do you want to run the risk of overseas pharmacies, that may have questionable ethics?

Don't forget, if you travel, you need to have a legit prescription with you in order to travel with drugs.

Anyway, I provided no links. I am not affiliated, although it sure sounds like a sales pitch. Lol

You all know me and I only share what I find useful and would never intentionally lead a member astray.
I think the price was fair and saves a bit of research. And the OTC animal drug sources are going to dry up. I am not sure when they will close this window.

With that, if you find a need to have an emergency stash of antibiotics, now is the time.


P.S. I will continue to source my emergency meds from various vetted sources. This is just one more tool in our toolbox."
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Quote from: Moab on February 26, 2023, 02:31:39 PM.....................

Also new laws imperial decrees from bureaucrats made fish antibiotics problematic to get and not at significantly lower prices.


Add to this: That come June 11th 2023, you will need a prescription to even get fish antibiotics.

thanks for the link----working some OT now, so I  might spring for this
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