What did you do today for your bug out vehicle?

Started by NT2C, January 07, 2022, 05:39:41 PM

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Quote from: 12_Gauge_Chimp on May 23, 2024, 02:47:18 PMSpeaking of falling windows, the back passenger windows on my mom's Explorer are probably going to do that since the motors are borked.

Each motor assembly is like a couple hundred bucks, so fixing them is out of the question for the moment.

In the meantime, I'll probably end up getting my brother Pete to pop a bolt underneath the window glass and have it held up that way until I can get two new motor assemblies and do a proper fix.

IIRC that's two different things so if they haven't fallen yet and the motors don't work, they should stay up. Also since that is a Ford, you can buy just the motor and its easy to put in [relatively compared to #BMWsucks] The window clips/brackets that hold them IIRC can be bought separately if your window falls and your motor works.

That happened on my 88 Monte Carlo once and I didn't need any parts, just put it back on the clip and the clip back on the scissor lift mech. Bingo, power window works.

Yeah, both windows have fallen and the motors don't work. Motors went out first and then the windows fell.

The right side passenger window went first and that's now got a bolt holding it closed. The left side passenger window is being held up with a couple 2x4s, but those slipped and now there's nothing holding it up. So the window likely will slip down at some point.
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What year Explorer, @12_Gauge_Chimp?

It's a 2004 Explorer, NT2C.
Let me see what the local scrapyard has in the way of parts.


I doubt any of the scrapyards out here would have anything like that. If they did, they'd probably want a bit for them.


I finally was forced to replace the front brakes/rotors and brake lines on my S10. Last month I had a rear caliper lock up due to a collapsed brake line, resulting in a complete restoration of the rear brake system, and last week I was forced to do the same with the front end brake system. Buying an older truck that sat for a long time has shown me what little things can and will go wrong out of no where. But now I have a truck that stops really well, and won't have to worry about old brake lines collapsing any more.


Just picked my car up from the mechanic after nearly a week in the shop (several days of which was just having the car sitting there, as he'd gotten behind schedule).  It's been on the lift since Monday morning and only finally got wrapped up today. 

I tend to "save up" smaller issues and have them all addressed at once, so there were a few items which have been wrong for a while (failing O2 sensor for the past 3 years and a minor exhaust leak that's about 2 years old).  But when the front hub / wheel bearing started making noise a couple of weeks ago, I finally took it in.

That corner was a mess.  The axle was essentially bonded into place and they had to torch it in half just to get the whole mess out.  One hub, hub bearing, axle half-shaft, and a trip to the machine shop to press the bearings onto the spindle, plus the exhaust (which required them to fab up the whole front portion to avoid having to replace the catalytic converter), O2 sensor (by far the most expensive part in the whole repair, but which he didn't even charge me any labor on because it's a 5min install), and an oil change and I'm back in business!  

Given how little the car is worth (probably less than $2500), spending almost 3/4 of the value on a single trip doesn't appear to make sense.  But now everything is working again and the car is ready to continue to give me reliable transport for the foreseeable future.  I've got my eye on a replacement vehicle (Mazda CX-50), but I want to wait a while for the price of a used one to drop some more.  

Besides, it's been about four years since I've had any repairs on my current car, which is a pretty good track record!  If I split the cost of the repairs up across that time, it works out to only about $400/year.  Not bad on a nearly 20 year old car!

I've got a list for the truck too, but I'll hold off on those for a while, since there's nothing critical at the moment.
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Ordered one of these brackets:

One of these brackets:

And this light kit:

For the Jeep.

I may put these lights on the back:

Or these:

Or these:

Or maybe even these white/amber ones:

Whatever ones I pick for the rear there's a matching lightbar for the front:

And I know that @12_Gauge_Chimp is looking at this, remembering the lights I have now, and thinking I've gone  :crazy:
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The daily driver is a 1996 Accord. It's most likely going to be the vehicle that I'm in if I have to get home and one if the vehicles I'll be taking to bug out because of the simplicity. It's for 160k on it has been a great reliable transport for the last 2 1/2 years.

Anyways, I redid the brakes on it about a year and I've had issues ever since. I finally broke down a bought Orileys rotors for 3x the price of the online slotted and drilled I bought, but they apparently warped. And I've had a slight vibration that's gotten worse and worse. Well, replaced the rotors and it's amazing it doesn't shake anymore. But when doing the brakes I noticed a lot if the bushings, ball joint boots, and the power steering rack boot are torn. Further inspection some parts were bent on the suspension. So I bought and entire replacement kit. New controls arms, new shocks/struts, all new bushings, ball joints, etc.

Got one side done and started on the other side today when grandma dropped the kiddo off and then it was playtime. So back at it tomorrow.

Adter those get replaced I'll bring down to the tire shop and have it lined and new rubbers put on her. Hopefully that'll take care if the rest of the vibration issues I've got.

Really do love these 90's Hondas parts are so cheap the entire replacement was $450 from an online retailer I've trusted in the only aftermarket brand I trust on Hondas (TRQ). The rotors I took a chance on and went another direction and apparently that was a mistake so only TRQ from here on out.
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