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Started by Ever (Zombiepreparation), March 04, 2024, 02:53:20 AM

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camping on a mountain top Christmas eve with a sleeping bag and a 12'wide campfire in Germany,  the trees covered in 1/2" thick rime. At midnight hearing the bells from several villages play music.  

 Being the only person I know ,,,, set on fire,,,,twice....in a sleeping bag

having a car crash right where I was standing 3 seconds earlier.

having a forklift slide off the dock and mostly miss spearing my leg

getting crashed into 11 times when by myself, but seeing a car not stopping behind me and having enough room to pull over while he slid past doing 60 .   I had a car load of kids

I am on my second cat

surviving is not good enough

Ever (Zombiepreparation)


...Watched helpless as life's light flickered and went out in someone you were working to save?

...Lost everything, your home, your loved ones, all your possessions, in the span of just minutes, leaving you homeless and alone?

...Fired a shot in rage and fury at someone who oh so desperately deserved to die for what they'd done?

...Changed the life of someone for the better, and rescued them from hell itself?

...Dove into the cold ocean, far from any shore, to recover a body?
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Quote...Changed the life of someone for the better, and rescued them from hell itself?
I feel like if I am at the pearly gates being judged and I am getting a lot of grimace and scowls for all the stupid shit I have done in life I can say; "Hey, look at that!" and then point to my team of Chaldean interpreters that I brought to the US who then brought as much of their extended family to the US as they could and started new lives. 

They escaped near certain painful and tortuous death when the Western provinces fell to ISIS. They all now lead happy and productive lives in the US. Some went on to serve in the US military, one now has a an MBA and makes more money than I do. One is a GM at a Honda dealership, he probably makes more than me too. One is a long haul truck driver, but living his dream of seeing the country. The single ones are married now and have kids, the ones with families, their kids are headed to college. They understood the value of the American dream and hard work and are completely Americanized now except for the food and some home life values. Even if I got everything else wrong in life I can point to that and say; "well, at least there was that....
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