Mental Exercise : What skills/services will make a comeback in SHTF?

Started by Lambykins, September 08, 2021, 10:10:18 AM

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So, the S has HTF.
What skills and/or services will make a comeback in a post SHTF society?
SHTF means no internet, no electricity from the grid, however those that use solar/wind/etc to self generate power will have it. Let's say it is 5 years post-SHTF.

In my small rural community, I expect several services to make a comeback.
Home delivery of dairy products
Knife maker/knife sharpener and/or blacksmith
Ice delivery (there are still some ice houses around up here)

Some skills up here have never completely gone away. People still make a living as loggers and trappers.

In some areas, I think green grocers, butchers and bakers will see a resurgence as a grid down situation will probably be the death of grocery stores.

What other services or skills do you think will become more common in a SHTF scenario?
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The corner repair shop used to be a fixture of the commercial landscape. Now the very idea of paying someone to repair a small household appliance, rather than throwing it away and simply buying a new one, has largely gone the way of the phone booth and the Dewey Decimal system.

In a post-SHTF world there will be little to no new manufacturing. A generalized mechanical aptitude and ability to fix small machinery will become a highly valued skill again.
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Sewing and cooking come to mind first.
Carpentry and metal working/fabrication.
Leather craft.

Prostitution or whoring, for the internet influencers who don't have any other skillz but internetting yet still want to eat. :smiley_devil:
Barbers and wound surgeons to treat the syphilis and gonorrhoea.

Sawmill skillz
Curing/Smoking meats fish.
Wheel and barrel making.

Wagoneering for logistics to move the raw materials to the baker and grocer etc.

I'm thinking that if there are a lot of survivors in the first 5 years that all the game and trees will be gone in high population density areas. So maybe Piracy and highwayman skillz will be a thing too.
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Herbal medicine and austere medical doctor
Rat catcher
Net maker
Loom maker
Fortifications and military tactics
Public executioner

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Zed hunter

Soap making
Candle making
Fire starting with 2 dry words
Other methods of fire starting
Tanning hides
Primitive hunting methods
Herbal medicine
All types of food preservation

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For those that have survived the initial few months (and I see many, many dieing after the bulk of the prescriptions and shelf stable food have been consumed) I think it is safe to say that most people will have evolved into jack-of-all-trades types. There will always be a need for manual labor especially if the mechanical advantage that much of our technology provides is missing.  I suspect that indentured servitude and share cropping may make a comeback. There will be large tracks of farmland that will need to be worked by someone and gas/diesel won't be available to power tractors.


Working with horses and cattle the old school way. Any mechanical skills to fix/keep small machinery running, or create something out of multiple parts of other things to make something else workable would be worth its weight in gold...

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