Mr. Chimpski Goes to Washington...ish

Started by NT2C, February 26, 2024, 07:10:00 AM

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The Chimp is coming, the Chimp is coming!   :panic:

Fredericksburg may never be the same after @12_Gauge_Chimp and family visit UFoZS HQ toward the end of April to pick up our old '97 Dodge Dakota that we're gifting him.  My wife is the original owner of BlueHawk (that's his name - long story) and while his paint is badly faded and he's got his share of scrapes and dents, it's a solid 4x4 truck that's never been neglected mechanically.  We haven't been driving him much the past few years and we wanted to gift him to someone who will get some use out of the many miles he still has left, and care for him properly.

It'll be good to see the Chimp and clan again, and this time my wife gets to meet them too.  I've booked and paid for a two-bedroom suite at the local Hilton.  If any UFoZS locals want to meet up while he's in town, give one of us a PM and it can be arranged.

Now... time to clean this place up to "Momma Chimp" standards.   :eek1:
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Can't make April, but it would be fun to plan some kind of UFOZS group gathering at some point.
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