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Started by wolf_from_wv, August 19, 2021, 08:25:13 PM

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Since the Internet began, I have been collecting information.  At first, I started with component datasheets for my electronics classes.  Since then, it has progressed to medical, firearms owner's manuals, automotive, and much more.

In 2012, the derecho knocked out power and Internet for a while.  ( )

It seems that hitting a telephone pole can take out the Internet for an area.

The Earth's magnetic poles don't have to shift to cause major disruptions.

Not knowing if the information you may need will be accessible when you need it, is a good reason to have an offline digital library.  In the absolute worst case scenario, the official doomsday library in Norway is going to be difficult to access.

Yes, I am aware that paper books don't need power and don't break if you drop them.  They are good to have for that reason.  However, I can't drive an 18 wheeler around with a library in the trailer.

Older information may not be covered under copyright, but some of it, especially medical related, can be out of date or dangerous.

I usually use Google to search.

Name of medical condition pdf, for instance ebola pdf.  Try to stick to .gov, .edu, hospitals, and related sites.

GM 4L60E transmission pdf

Trying to rebuild a Ford Model T?

Looking for an old machine manual?

Backwoods Home Magazine articles?

Motor Magazine?

Steve's Pages have firearms owner's manuals, but are subscription based now, to support the site.  Newer manuals, and a few older manuals, can usually be found on the manufacturer's webpage.

This one:  seems to have most of the Pole Shift survival info:  . has some downloads.

Military manuals:

Sometimes, books can be found on

The best thing to do, is to create a folder for a topic, and download everything to that folder.  Choose the next topic and repeat.  Otherwise, you'll end up with a portable hard drive full of files that need sorted and a portable hard drive to sort them into.

While these can be stored on a hard drive, I have an ONN brand tablet that can take a 32GB micro-SD card.  If you divide topics onto cards, it becomes even more portable.

If you want to run the post-apocalypse digital library until the technology give out?

You can build a LibraryBox/PirateBox.

Amazon has small FileHub routers that can use a portable battery pack and hard drive/flash drive.  The battery pack and your tablet could be charged using a portable solar panel.
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I too am an offline information and reference whore  :smiley_crocodile:

Starting with floppy disk and usenet articles, to CD storage, and then to DVD.  Most anything I need to reference on the internet I try to save a local copy of to hard disk, then burn it to DVD when I get about 4GB worth.  Also have OS installation and application SW DVDs, along with an older laptop in an EM shielded box (ya never know...).

I divide the topics into different folders too, huge topics like "medical" subdivided further as needed (anatomy, physiology, diseases, drugs, procedure videos, etc).  Some beyond my skill or reckoning, but someone may need it so I try to be thorough.  The pdf docs in my current "propane" folder waiting to be burned for example:

LP-Gas Serviceman's Manual
LP-Gas Basic Filling Procedures
Propane Equipment Catalog
The Art and Science of Working with Propane
Residential Propane Installation Guide
Bulk Propane Delivery and Transfer
Dispensing Propane Safely
Propane Dispensing Unit Operator Training Manual

Everything from how to operate and fill a bobtail delivery truck from the tanks at a bulk storage facility for refilling residential tanks, to commercial cylinder filling station operation for refilling portable and ASME RV/motorhome tanks, and more.


I recently bought a pdf file on things you can do with your phone when the grid is down. It is full of great info. I  bought a usb c flash drive that will work on my phone and packed it with personal documents and info, maps, ebooks on every subject there is and more. I also have several micro usb cards loaded with material.  As long as I can charge my phone I can access my data and it's super compact. I also have several apps that don't require data that are useful in the event there is no power, data, etc. Offgrid navigation, first aid, knot tying, pet care, etc.  I also put some books on there for morale and to combat boredom.
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I'd just like to point out that you can add text and pdf files as attachments to your posts here if you're a full member.  We have ample storage space for such things on our server and if we run low more will be added.
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West Virginia

WV Lake Maps

WV Parks

WV Wildlife Management Areas

WV County Maps

other WV Maps

These and more are available.  I'm trying to collect West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.  Then, branch out to Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.  Actually, I'd do all 50 states, but only need the first four I listed...


Ohio maps

Ohio Wildlife info

Ohio hunting areas

Ohio Lake maps



State Game Lands

State Parks

County maps


County maps

Wildlife management areas

KOA campgrounds
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Something that hasn't been mentioned in this thread is that you can download Wikepedia.  Wiki maintains large dump files for offline storage and allows use and distribution.   Currently the dump files are about 20g compressed ~100g uncompressed.  Although not a "Catch-All" of knowledge - it makes a good (arguably) reference library.  This is text only, images would be to large, and have copyright issues...
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