X1M G-CORE QRP radio

Started by TACAIR, June 11, 2021, 08:00:08 PM

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The Xeigu X1M HF QRP radio in the photo.  4 band, HF, CW/SSB/Data,  5 watts.

Attached is a manual I wrote for a ham operator in the L48.  These rigs are popping up used and are well priced new..   Be advised the support from the factory is nill.  The IO group (address in manual) provides the majority of support to this  brand of ham radio equipment....

The value in the rig, such as it is -  is the wide band HF receive.  New on Amazon, they cost less than a Sangean ATS 909X.   The 4 band TX is almost a bonus.    There ae some downsides, covered in the manual - should this strike your fancy.

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SDR?! Very interesting! Thanks for sharing this.
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