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Started by flybynight, July 29, 2022, 07:44:57 PM

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I will have to try it to determine it's effectiveness, But it makes sense

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I remember seeing this before as emergency insulation for an under performing sleeping bag for ground pounders. 

Will it work, yes.  But like a lot of things, everything has to be just right.  If it's wet, you will have trouble finding the dry fluffy leaf litter you need.  Same for a southern area, you'll have more pine needles than leaves.  And in a cold weather situation, I'm not sure I'd trust that not to settle.  Convection - Gonna lose a lot of heat from the side not being protected.

Possible upgrades?
-Put the bags IN the hammock with you.  You sink into them. Might help.   
-4 bags, 2x2.  String hammock low along the 'seam' between them. 

Homemade under-quilts
-Cheap 'costco' type throw. plenty of plans online.
-Extra sleeping bag you dont use.  String up as an UQ. 
-Blue Camping mat (Wouldn't recommend for very cold), but will work in moderate weather. you WILL know where the edges are  :zomg:
-Emergency (Mylar) blanket - Can't remember the decision on if you retained more heat due to reflection, or lost more due to convection/conduction in this type use though...

-Budget under quilts can be purchased VERY cheap.  Amazon has some currently at $35. 
-Wait until Spring and everyone is upgrading and selling old gear...

tl;dr - Plausible,  useful knowledge, but applications and effectiveness may vary...
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