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Started by Optimist, September 13, 2022, 06:19:02 PM

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I've got weird feet. They sent me to see a podiatrist this summer and she told me I have hammer toes (my toes stick up a bit rather than lying flat) and my feet are pretty asymmetrical.

Finding shoes and boots that fit has always been a big hassle. It's usually a trip to town that takes all day and I feel bad for the sales people because I have to send them back over and over and sometimes can't find anything in the store that fits.

What I find extra annoying is that every time I find a pair that fits they get discontinued by the time I'm looking for a replacement pair (I usually shred boots within a year or two).

What I'm thinking about trying to do is find some boots that the store is willing to repair so that I don't need to go through all the hassle every year or two.

I'm looking for companies that have distributors in Alaska as I need to be able to try them on. I'm also looking for high or mid top, waterproof, steel toe boots not sneakers.

I know Red Wing has a shop in Anchorage and they repair their boots. Any other brands that will repair their boots?


Ask your local cobbler which brands he/she would recommend.  If anyone knows which ones really last and can be most easily repaired, that's who it would be!

I can't really speak to boots, but my low-end Asics Gel shoes have been the toughest-wearing shoes that I've owned.  The current pair is from 2017 and I haven't even worn out the tread yet!  The reason I can tell you that they're from 2017?  Right after I bought them, Gander Mountain went out of business and I found a duplicate pair that I picked up, just to have some to switch to when the current set wore out.  That second set it still in the box, in my closet, as I haven't needed to break them out yet!
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Asking the local cobbler is a great idea. I know you mentioned Red Wing, which makes a great boot, but a few of the boots I've seen around the rail yards that take abuse and have a good warranty are Irish Setter, Worx, and Hisea.


Contacting a cobbler is a good idea. There are a few shoe repair places in Anchorage. There might be a some closer in Wasilla but it's hard to tell if they're cobblers or just retailers from glancing at their google listings. I'll have to start calling around. I also have a cousin who used to work at a shoe store in the valley who might be able to point me in the right direction.


I have kind of goofy and sensitive feet. YMMV but I have gotten a lot of benefit from alternative insoles. They are ridiculously expensive but they completely change how a boot feels and works. I have had good luck with the Sole brand sold at REI. As long as you don't move them from boot-to-boot too much they have a tremendous life span but if you move them much, they are made of cork and they will disintegrate.


I've had cheaper leather steel toes from my local department store last a decade of daily abuse thanks to a skilled local cobbler fixing them from time to time. You can see the repairs if you look closely, but they're not noticeable when I'm wearing them.

I'm seriously tempted to try a pair of boots from Origin Maine now, but I'm hesitant. 

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