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Started by Lambykins, October 21, 2021, 08:30:18 AM

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Some clothing is an investment. These mittens/gloves seem to fit that description, but yet, I am thinking of getting a pair when I have the extra cash.
Has anyone here gotten a pair? Recommendations of any other brands that may be similarly well made?
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Great looking gloves!

I'll share a bit of leather glove experience. I have found that leather gloves are easily destroyed by use when wet. So if used with dry snow and dry cold, and not really "work" gloves, but "warmth" gloves, they make sense to me. If I was in wet snow, or wet cold, I would be looking at something different. Or I would have a pair of cheap leather gloves, the thickest and roughest and most stiff I could find, for the $5-$7 range, and use those as the work gloves to be destroyed and then put on the nice gloves after the work is done.

I had a lovely pair of leather work gloves which were utterly destroyed in short order, and actually didn't last as long as the cheap nasty leather work gloves, so ever after I've just bought rough work gloves and had nice gloves on the side for warmth.

That is my experience and may not fit your context or situation, so please ignore me if I'm not giving useful experience.


A bit late but I'll chime in;

I've felt these gloves in person but never used them.
I struggle to name a feature or characteristic that sets them apart from most farm and ranch gloves. At the end of the day they are thinsulate cowhide gloves sewn overseas; they may be slightly better made or have a better fit but I'd need to be convinced. Given the variances inherent in even high end gloves I highly recommend buying in person; good fit trumps most things.

Work gloves are consumables; and I recommend cow or goat leather.
Warm gloves can last quite a long time; Hestra have about the best quality and fit that I've found but I can't stomach the price tag most of the time.

These hestra work gloves are the only ones I've talked myself into; I wear one size too big with knit wool liners and they've held up nicely to light camping use (not daily chore use). They are very tough for how thin the are but I wouldn't expect them to hold up like a thicker pair of cowhide gloves.

Geir and Churchhill glove both make a wonderful MIUSA quality glove in various leathers (elk hide is something to behold) but I've struggled with fit; I've found I need to try on between 10 and 20 pairs at any given store to find a pair I think really fit me so I'd never encourage anyone to buy a pair online.
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