What have you bought or registered for lately?

Started by RoneKiln, June 20, 2021, 11:45:11 PM

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I just hit the approve button on ordering several hundred dollars worth of trauma care products. Tourniquetes, bandages, chest seals, etc. They'll go in several different kits for house, car, and range bag.

Recently I signed up for both wilderness first aid (WFA) and wilderness first responder (WFR) courses by NOLs. I know everything in WFA will be repeated in WFR, but I think I'll learn better in WFR if I've taken WFA first.

I'm pretty much putting my entire training and prepping budget towards medical training and gear this year.

What medical gear or training have you been investing in lately?
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I just let my certs lapse because I don't actively take youth back country anymore, but I do want to say, it's a different mindset.  It provides a lot of useful information and I think you'll find it very useful as long as you can understand the mindset that not everyone needs to be/can be saved...  70 yr old man drops of a heart attack on a trail in the Smokies, I'm prob not going to even start CPR vs Dude drops at the local mall,  I'm all in...

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Took the Red Cross First Aid/CPR class last night. It was pretty basic stuff, but I still learned quite a few new things that I hadn't through googling and basic preparedness osmosis. It was a pleasant surprise how simple to use the AED was.


Just got two more nasal pharyngeal airways.

Due to a previous discussion about heat and lifespan of these when stored in autos' medkits.

These have an expiration date of 6/25, so two years.
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