Review: EverBrite Widebeam LED Headlamp

Started by Optimist, October 18, 2023, 01:47:29 AM

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A little over ten months ago I bought an EverBrite Widebeam LED Headlamp because I had seen similar headlamps advertised and was curious about how well they worked.

What had me interested was that these types of headlamps don't have a single LED bulb but instead have a strip of LEDs.

What I've found is that there are some minor advantages and a big disadvantage to this, and I wouldn't recommend it as someone's only headlamp but I still think it can be a worthwhile purchase.

The big disadvantage is that it doesn't have much throw. It provides enough light to walk around with and not trip over stuff but not enough to see anything at a significant distance. It's 100% flood, and not a very bright flood. That's why I wouldn't recommend it as someone's only flashlight, it sucks for walking through the woods at night.

Where it is actually nice is that because it is 100% flood it has no hotspot. That means if you're reading a book or working on something close to your face for long periods of time it is a very pleasant headlamp to use. Most headlamps have a super bright spot and if you spend too long looking at something up close it causes a decent amount of eye strain, but this solves that problem.

It also is nice to use in groups because if someone accidentally shines it in you face the light is diffuse enough that it isn't blinding.

I think this style of headlamp is worth getting for reading during a power outage and for working in groups when no area light is available (it was pretty handy when butchering animals in the dark this year). I would just make sure to have a different light to use for traveling outdoors.

I was more interested in the style of headlamp, but when it comes to this specific model here's my thoughts:
I have been using it for nearly a year. I haven't used it as heavily as many of my other lights, but I have used it a decent amount including in the rain and in below freezing temperatures. It seems to hold up fairly well.

I haven't used it snowshoeing because I want to be able to see moose well before I get close to them. I did ride home on a bicycle the other night and it was scary because while it is enough light to walk when moving fast on a bike it doesn't give you much time to steer out of the way of whatever you're riding up on. I had to peddle very slowly.

I find it fairly comfortable and the controls are simple to use (one button on the battery pack which sits at the back of the head). The button glows dull red while on which I guess could be handy if people were following you or you were trying not to get run over from behind, but it's so faint I'm not sure it helps much just over the general light from the front.

My uncle and brother have both borrowed it and they seem to like it.

For $9 I think it's worth considering getting. Here's a link to it on Amazon:

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