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Military and Veterans / American Legion Phishing Scam?
Last post by NT2C - Yesterday at 01:25:47 PM
So I got this postcard in the mail yesterday and it immediately set off alarm bells in my head for the phoney-sounding name.

You cannot view this attachment.
You cannot view this attachment.

I was going to round-file it but decided today (I was bored) to call the number.  After a period on hold ("Your call is important to us - so we're not going to answer it right away!") it's answered by a woman with such a heavy Indian accent I could barely understand her, and it seemed obvious she was reading from a script.  She immediately wanted my name and address.  When I told her I wanted to know what this was about she said, "It is to verify that the information we have about you is accurate.", standard phishing procedure.  I mean, seriously, this is straight out of any of the thousands of YouTube scammer payback videos.  I told her I've decided not to participate in this and simply hung up.

Now, there is the smallest chance that this is legit and that the American Legion really is running this.  If so, good gawd do they need to find a better way.
Disasters in Current Events / Re: The coming AI takeover...
Last post by EBuff75 - Yesterday at 01:08:43 PM
Quote from: Anianna on Yesterday at 12:38:22 PM
I feel like this AI has passed the Turing Test just by being obnoxiously and stubbornly wrong.  It's like arguing with a real live idiot.
So the AI is "errogant" - which is when you're completely wrong, but totally certain about it.
Disasters in Current Events / Re: The coming AI takeover...
Last post by Anianna - Yesterday at 12:38:22 PM

I feel like this AI has passed the Turing Test just by being obnoxiously and stubbornly wrong.  It's like arguing with a real live idiot.
Amateur Radio (Ham) / The Technician Exam
Last post by Z.O.R.G. - Yesterday at 08:11:08 AM
This thread is for studying and questions on the Technician exam.  I've attached the entire question pool with the correct answers highlighted in red.  I'll try to work on adding a "why the answer is correct" for each question later, but it is 58 pages so it might take some time.  

In the meantime, post any questions here and we'll get you the whys.

You cannot view this attachment.
Carrying All Your Stuff / Re: New custom sized ammo cans...
Last post by Beowolf - Yesterday at 05:59:02 AM
I just received mine yesterday--grabbed 1000 rounds of WWB packed in one of the short cans. The lid also easily and smoothly slides off the hinges.

It's pretty nifty, but now I have an oddball...and it's kinda screwing with me.
Carrying All Your Stuff / New custom sized ammo cans. Bu...
Last post by Moab - Yesterday at 04:18:49 AM
SGAmmo is selling aftermarket new ammo cans in custom sizes. But only when you buy them full of ammo. 

Small, medium and large. Medium and large cans have about 1/3rd off the top. So more shallow. The large has a stronger locking mechanism. Both look like they might fit under a trucks back seat. All 3 of these and stock .50 cal would on a Jeep. 

Truly great idea. Video from 3 hrs ago.
Huh. Cool idea.
Communications / Re: BAOFENG AR-152
Last post by NT2C - February 20, 2024, 03:05:03 PM
Quote from: Moab on February 17, 2024, 08:02:01 PMBut again I think a better antenna has more to do with it than a couple watts either way.

I'll just say that the world record low-power moonbounce used less than a tenth of a watt.  Both stations (transmitting in Wisconsin (I think) and receiving in Florida) were using some pretty specialized antennas though.

With antennas and gain the way I visualize it is to think of a beach ball with a threaded rod through the center and huge fender washers and nuts on either side.  The ball represents the radio signal from a unity gain antenna.  Now start cranking in some gain by tightening the nuts.  The sphere flattens in the center and stretches out on the perimeter.  The more gain you add the flatter it becomes and the further it sticks out (reaches) around the perimeter.  That's with omnidirectional antennas of course.  (and it really illustrates why holding an HT as vertical as possible is critical with "better" antennas)

To illustrate a beam antenna, think of a flashlight beam from one of those "focusing" flashlights.  It's directional but how narrow and focused the beam is will depend, again, on the gain.
Transportation / Re: What did you do today for ...
Last post by NT2C - February 20, 2024, 10:25:43 AM
Quote from: MacWa77ace on February 20, 2024, 09:03:10 AMI have donuts in two of my cars, They only get the fours, but my explorer has a full sized spare. I never do a fiver on that cause its rim is plain steel and the rest are alloy. :smiley_shrug: I just have them put the best of the old tires on the spare every second tire change.

I rotate at about half the estimated life. Front to back, back to front same sides. That's not wrong is it? It seems to work. My fronts on all car models wear out fastest. At about twice the rears, doesn't matter front or RWD. Seems to work cause at end of life the tires are about even.

When I had that broken tire belt last Christmas on my BMW's cooper I replaced both rears, but I said I wanted the new rears moved to the front and the older fronts moved to the back and the dude at the tire shop freaked out. Oh, you can't do that.

We'll I'll tell you, I'd rather have a loose rear end that I can control in a slide, than a front end that 'pushes' out in a corner and you have no control over that slide and end up in a ditch. What's the deal with promoting keeping worn tires on the front and new tires on the back?

Industry-standard is new on the rear because most drivers aren't skilled enough to handle a rear slide.  Frankly, my opinion is that if the remaining two are worn enough that loss of traction with them is a big concern then you should be replacing all 4 and not setting up the vehicle to be unstable on just one end, but that's me.

Personally, when it comes to rotation, I hate not being able to do a 5 tire rotation.  We can't do it on either vehicle because of rim differences.  On the Dakota that bugs me enough that I've considered getting a 5th stock wheel for the spare, but then the spare would have to be carried in the bed.  On the Jeep, not only is the spare rim a "steelie" but the standard tire is too wide to fit under the back floor in the "trunk" so they went with a different width but with the same circumference (so as not to risk axle twist) and that just makes me want to get another standard rim and carry the spare in a roof basket, but then the Jeep is too high to get in the garage.  I may still do that once we pick up a replacement for the Dakota when Chimp gets it.  The new vehicle will be for the wife and the Jeep then becomes my toy to play with and stay parked outside.
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