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Started by Ever (Zombiepreparation), March 18, 2022, 03:22:07 AM

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Ever (Zombiepreparation)

Prepper = A wide spectrum of people who choose to make plans for self reliance, in the short term to even longer, in case of any kind of emergency including family emergency contact plans for, but not limited to: flood, fire, loss of income, loss of housing, tornado, hurricane. Personal papers that would allow you to reestablish normalcy should temp or permanent relocation be required. Disasters of any kind: natural and/or even man-made. If deemed important to the person, even short-to-longer term shipping delays and partial or total societal collapse. You know: Be Prepared... the way 'you' choose for you & yours, to the extent 'you' consider to be important. It's a wide spectrum from, say, 72 hours till the cavalry gets there,  all the way to..... total self reliance because the calvary probably isn't coming. The average preppers are typical people who make basic preparations for disaster.

Zombies = Loosely used to describe the crazy people that are not prepping that will be begging at your door when their 3 day emergency supplies run out.

Doomer = Somebody who believes disaster is coming and chaos will ensue. These are hardcore preppers.

Pollyanna = Somebody who denies that a major disaster will ever occur.

Rule of Threes
- You can live for three minutes without oxygen
- three hours without shelter in harsh environments
- three days without water
- and three weeks without food.

Two is One, One is None, which means when your life is on the line, you live by Murphy's Law (whatever can happen, will happen.) Which means a crucial piece of survival gear is going to break, so always have a second piece in case the first one fails.

72 Hour Bag = Another term for a bug out bag (BOB)

-- Nothing hurts like feeling you're safe, and then, having someone with power over you take it away.

Ever (Zombiepreparation)

Alpha Strategy = Storing 'extra supplies' for the purposes of trade or personal use in a disaster.

Ballistic Wampum = Ammunition stored for disaster preparedness purposes.

Big Berkey = A family water filtration system that can remove harmful bacteria and toxins from water; this is definitely something you will want to keep in your home for emergencies.

BOB = Bug-Out Bag: Your emergency bag that you would grab should you be forced to evacuate your house quickly: A simple backpack or bag of survival items that you have ready to go when you need to bug out a moment's notice. Your bug out bag should consist of basic survival items that will allow you to survive for at least three days or 72 hours.

BOL = Bug Out Location: The place you plan to relocate to if you have a forced evacuation of your home. A designated location outside of the danger zone that you bug out too.

BOV = Bug Out Vehicle: The vehicle in which you plan to use to get to your BOL with your BOB.  A vehicle that is large enough to transport you, your family, and your supplies, and can also go off-road in case roads are blocked.

BUG = Backup Gun.

Bugging In = Staying put at home during a disaster.

Bugging Out = Evacuating your home during a disaster, either by your own choice or because you are ordered to.

CCW = Concealed Carry Weapon.

CME = Coronal Mass Ejections refers to powerful eruptions on the sun. Large expulsions of plasma and magnetic field from the sun's corona that can breach the Earth's atmosphere and knock out electronics. In our case would be the natural equivalent of a man-made EMP. We've had these before.

CoLA = Cost of Living Adjustment:

-- Nothing hurts like feeling you're safe, and then, having someone with power over you take it away.

Ever (Zombiepreparation)


Dutch Oven = A cast iron pot that can cook food on the hot coals of a campfire.

EDC = Everyday Carry:

EMP = ElectroMagnetic Pulse: A weapon that when detonated in the atmosphere would knock out all electronics within a certain radius; the higher and stronger the EMP is, the more electronics will be affected. Examples of items that won't work after an EMP include phones, tablets, computers, TVs, and most vehicles (some vehicles made before 1990 will still run).

EOD = End of Days.

EOT = End of Times.

EOTW = End of the world.

FAK = First Aid Kit:

FEP = Family Emergency Plan:

Faraday Cage = An improvised device that can shield the electronic items inside from an EMP attack or solar flare.

FIFO = First In First Out:

Food Insurance = The food stockpile you have in your home; start with a 72 hour supply, then a one month supply, and then increase to a three month supply, then a six month, and then a one year's supply. After that expand as wanted.

FRH = Flameless ration heater: a self-contained, individual field ration in lightweight packaging where organized food facilities are not available. specifications it be capable of raising the temperature of an 8-ounce (230 g) entrée by 100 °F (38 °C) in twelve minutes, and that it has no visible flame. The ration heater contains finely powdered magnesium metal, alloyed with a small amount of iron, and table salt. To activate the reaction, a small amount of water is added, and the boiling point of water is quickly reached as the exothermic reaction proceeds.

GHB = Get Home Bag: A small backpack of survival items that you keep in your vehicle should you need to abandon your car and try to get home during an urban disaster; should contain enough survival items to enable you to survive for at least one day or twenty-four hours. The get home bag is smaller and lighter than the bug out bag.

GOOD = Get Out Of Dodge:

Grid Down = The power grid has gone down, likely as a result of a CME or EMP. Of growing concern is from casual hackers out for a joy ride and nation-state sponsored disruptors. Of great concern is the exceleration of cyber terrorism.

HEMP = High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse: Electromagnetic pulses (EMP) from nuclear weapon detonations at altitudes from 30 to 400 kilometers (18 to 50 miles) can damage or destroy sensitive electronic equipment at ground level. High-altitude EMP (HEMP) has the potential to seriously disrupt commercial and military communications, damage the electrical grid infrastructure, and interfere with command and control operations. These disruptions can adversely affect federal, state, or local agency missions and operations.

The effects of HEMP span a wide frequency range (very low frequency to a few hundred megahertz [MHz]), and encompass critical commercial and military frequency bands. HEMP effects also produce damaging currents within power transmission, distribution, and communications lines resembling effects of geomagnetic disturbances or storms (e.g., solar flares). These disturbances can damage or destroy both electronic control equipment and the power transformers associated with electric grid distribution. Protection from HEMP effects is, therefore, essential.

IFAK = Individual First Aid Kit:

Larder = Typically refers to a pantry, but can also be used to refer to any place where you store food for survival and disaster-related purposes.
-- Nothing hurts like feeling you're safe, and then, having someone with power over you take it away.

Ever (Zombiepreparation)


JIC = Just In Case:

MRE = Meal Ready To Eat:  A self-contained, individual field ration in lightweight packaging. For use in conditions where organized food facilities are not available. General contents can include items like a main course, side dish, dessert or snack, crackers or bread, spread of cheese, peanut butter, or jelly, powdered beverage mix, utensil. Utensils most commonly a plastic spoon.A Flameless ration heater (FRH), beverage mixing bag with possible 'accessory pack' with things like chewing gum, water-resistant matchbook, napkin / toilet paper, moist towelette. Some seasonings and some are fortified with nutrients.

Mylar Bags = Bags that are used to provide a barrier between stored survival food and sunlight.

NBC = Nuclear Biological Chemical:

PFAK = Personal First Aid Kit:

PI = Poison Ivy:

PSK = Personal Survival Kit:

Rendezvous Point = A pre-determined location where you meet up with your family or survival group before continuing to evacuate to your designated bug out location.

Sheeple = people who are largely unprepared for a disaster and will follow the rest of the crowd.

SHTF = Shit Hits The Fan. Commonly used to describe the time of an emergency.

Solar Oven = A cardboard box lined with aluminum foil to bake food using the sun's energy.

Survival Cache = A collection of survival items that you bury or hide at a location away from your home; the survival cache would ideally be buried in between your house and your bug out location so you can resupply yourself en route. Sealed PVC pipes, Pelican cases, and military ammo cans are the most common choices for a cache container.

TEOTWAWKI = The End Of The World As We Know It due to total breakdown of services & society because of natural or man-made disaster.

TBTF = Too big to fail, as in a financial organization or other business so important to the economy of a country that a government or central bank must take measures to prevent it from ceasing to trade or going bankrupt.

TPTB = The Powers That Be.

WROL = Without Rule of Law:
Living in a world without laws would be like living in a world with no rules or boundaries, one where everyone is very independent because there are so many potential threats. For example, since there are no laws against killing or physical assault everyone will carry a gun or a weapon and would not hesitate to use it.
There would be no check on activites of people or groups.
There would be exploitation of sections of society deemed weaker or less valuable.

YOYO = You're On Your Own. You have to deal with or resolve every situation without anyone else's assistance.

ZPAW = Zombie Post Apocalyptic World. Sometimes preppers use of zombie is metaphorical for large bad Events. In fiction used as actual Zombie brain feeders.
-- Nothing hurts like feeling you're safe, and then, having someone with power over you take it away.

Ever (Zombiepreparation)

There are more. As I learn them or as you tell/clarify things I've written I will add them to their place in the alphabet here.
-- Nothing hurts like feeling you're safe, and then, having someone with power over you take it away.

Ever (Zombiepreparation)

Add to the list yourself or tell me links to associated  threads and I'll link them to the acronym. :)
-- Nothing hurts like feeling you're safe, and then, having someone with power over you take it away.


VERK = Vehicle Emergency Repair Kit

IFAK = Individual First Aid Kit

TQ = Tourniquet

CAT TQ = Combat Application Tourniquet

SAK = Swiss Army Knife

TCCC IFAK = Tactical Combat Casualty Care Individual First Aid Kit

PERT = Post Event Response Team [the police]

LBR = Load Bearing Rig

INCH BAG = I'm not coming home BOB.

FFL = Federal Firearms Licensee

NFA = National Firearms Act [of 1934]

BATFE = Official Acronym of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives

ATF = Shortened Acronym for the BATFE because that's to many letters

CC = the act of concealed carry.

NODs = Night Operation Device

AR = ArmaLite Platform of semi automatic rifles

AK =  Avtomat Kalashnikova Russian platform rifle system et al.

PSR = Precision Sniper Rifle

SASR = Semi Automatic Sniper Rifle

SA = Semi Automatic

DA = Double Action

SBR = Short Barreled Rifle

SBS = Short Barreled Shotgun

AOW = Any Other Weapon

MRE = Meals Ready to Eat

IUD = Intra Uterine Device

IED = Improvised Explosive Device

MUT = Multiple Utilities Tool

MOAB = Mother of All Bombs

EE = Escape and Evade

NIB = New in Box

WTT = Want to Trade

WTS = Want to Sell

HT = Handy Talkie [Walkie Talkie]

HAM = Amateur Radio / Amateur Radio Operator

FRS = Family Radio Service

MURS = Multi Use Radio Service

GMRS = General Mobile Radio Service

CB = Citizen Band Radio Service

FCC = Federal Communications Commission

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