What I Learned from the Ebola outbreak

Started by Ever (Zombiepreparation), September 01, 2021, 09:09:34 PM

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Ever (Zombiepreparation)

Save all your grocery bags, your long bread, newspaper, junkmail bags, and keep boxes of waist to floor length and neck to below waist length, or longer,  garbage bags.

I learned this from Katu Kekula of Liberia in 2014.

Her family fell ill with Ebola, no place could take them, she didn't even have personal protection equipment – those white space suits and goggles used in Ebola treatment units.

Instead, Kekula invented her own equipment. International aid workers heard about her "trash bag method" and taught it to other West Africans who can't get into hospitals and don't have protective gear of their own.

After hearing about her I began my own gathering. I did so because I believed a pandemic was in the forecast; not if but when.

And those bags stood me in good stead in 2020 when covid hit and ppe was scare even for hospitals.

I already had surgical masks from bulk buying years earlier for Flu season, and the garbage bags did the rest until production caught up with need.

Wrapped around shoes, wrapped around hands, wrapped around hair. A full body length 55 gallon bag with cut out head & arm slits. Wrist to shoulder wrapped in the long slinder bread & newspaper bags. And clear plastic work goggles got me through the first of it before good research became available.


Thank you, Katu Kekula

Ever (Zombiepreparation)

Apparently the breakout failed to teach me to 'spell' Ebola though.

Fixed it.

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