CDC Notes a link to COVID vaccine and a rare but serious heart inflammation

Started by Raptor, June 23, 2021, 11:33:45 AM

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QuoteA CDC safety group said there's a "likely association" between a rare heart inflammatory condition in adolescents and young adults mostly after they've received their second Covid-19 vaccine shot, citing the most recent data available.

Reactions like this are not unheard of with any drug or treatment. People are different and react differently to any medication.

Be aware and seek guidance from an MD if you have concerns.

Also be aware that this fact seems to be considered misinformation on some sites.

This site linked below tracks reports to the HHS over vaccine issues. One thing to remember almost 320 million vaccine doses have been administered. So with most vaccines there is generally 1 severe reaction in every 750,000 to 3 million people. Note the word severe.
So any vaccine in widespread use would likely see 425 to 106 severe reactions after 319 million doses. The fact that reactions are occurring should not be a surprise

QuoteIs your Data exactly the same as HHS Data? Do you edit or correct it?
We do not change, modify or vet data. We take the downloads, upload them to our server and put a different face on them so they are easier to browse and get quick accurate info from. There are mistakes in the data (impossible dates are usually the most obvious), clearly, but we leave it as we get it. In the OpenVAERS DATA section if there are discrepancies between and our site this is due to the fact that they change data throughout the timeframe (31 years) weekly, but we only update the full dataset yearly.

What is disappointing is that the lack of full transparency in this data. 
Folks you are on your own...Plan and act accordingly!

I will never claim to have all the answers. Depending upon the subject; I am also aware that I may not have all the questions much less the answers. As a result I am always willing to listen to others and work with them to arrive at the right answers to the applicable questions.

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